Saint Rémy de Provence

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Throughout the year, Saint Rémy de Provence develop an agenda that is a festive and cultural abundance. Popular and famous events, and also: feast of music, organ concerts, jazz festival, exhibitions, market creators, typical day of Saint Eloi, horse fair, second-hand market, wine festival, boules player week, Olympic games, Christmas market with Provence cribs ...

Votive fairs
Votive fairs St Rémy
End september- begginning October
Created to honor the patron saint of the city, votive festival of Saint-Rémy brings together lovers of Provençal traditions, beautiful costumes and Provençal bullfighting. It takes place every year for 5 days are linked bullfighting, bull running in the streets, dancing, fireworks and carnival.
Van Gogh
Van Gogh 2015 Saint-Remy de Provence joins the commemoration of the death of Vincent van Gogh July 29, 1890, three months after his departure from Saint-Rémy. From March to fall, exceptional events will mark the anniversary.
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seasonal migration fair: "La Transhumance"
Whit Monday
One of the most beautiful fair in Provence.
"La route des artistes"
Road of artists
Five times a year: may to October
Each sunday, artists set out their stalls for a day along the avenue known as the cours, to present their work to the public
Féria Saint Rémy
4 days in August
All facets of the Provencal bullfinch, which excludes any killing, are represented during the Feria through bullfights, bull running in the streets, bullfights and Camargue races in the arenas. It is also a popular festival in very busy streets to the sound of penas.
End of May
Feast of transhumance sheep herds leave the Provence to win the Alps. One of the most beautiful traditional festival of Provence.


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